Movies about Inspiring Back-Up Singers and Session Musicians

Greg Engle/ September 15, 2015/ Musicians

Logo 1 HRI recently watched two fascinating movies about singers/musicians.  20 Feet from Stardom is a great documentary about some of the most talented and successful back-up singers and what it means to support rather than be the star.  The Wrecking Crew chronicles the inception and evolution of LA’s most sought-after session musicians.  You might be surprised to find out how often the instrumental tracks on your favorite groups’ albums were actually played by members of The Wrecking Crew.

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About Greg Engle

Austin singer-songwriter Greg Engle, a career diplomat, has led a life of constant travel. He’s witnessed attempted coups, had lunch with Nelson Mandela, and seen two African dictators fall. Four songs on his debut album (2010), "Take It Personally," provide colorful accounts of his many years in Africa. He is a founding member of the East Coast-based Duke Street Liberation Army Band, which released its debut album, "Arsenal of Love," in 2014. Engle won first prize in the 2011 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. His songs have played on radio programs around the U.S. Engle and veteran Austin musician and producer Stephen Doster have performed and conducted songwriting workshops in Swaziland (2012) and Lesotho (2015) as part of the U.S. State Department's Arts Envoy program.